B60 Button laser marking machine

B series button laser marking machine is a perfect laser marking system. It is mainly applied in designing button and optimizing button laser marking. With sealed CO2 laser, this machine is applied in marking, cutting and drilling. It is suitable for plastic, wood, ivory, leather, and other natural materials, and it is also used in paper, cardboard, dacron, metal spray paint, glass, marble, granite, ceramic, pearl, bone, cloth etc.This machine is easy to operate. It can be installed in a variety of button machines.High speed,stable and reliable,the whole machine is designed reasonable,with compact structure and low life cycle cost.

Frequency: 0-100 kHz
Cooling: air, water with closed-circuit cooling system
PC operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Control Software: EZ CAD(Multi-Language ).
Supported vector file formats: ai,dxf,dst, plt …
Supported raster file formats: bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif…

Special features:
Free design the processing file,
Direct input of multialphabetical linear and
round texts (TrueType and monoline), multistep
counters, geometric shapes, barcodes,
Data Matrix with precise spacings and positioning
within the engraving area.
Chiller (for water-cooled lasers)
Laser safety regulations: CLASS 4 Laser System,CEI EN 60825-1
Optional device
Camera for holes centring.

The GBOS systems have a wide range of standard features, such as:
Industrial computer with 17”-22” LCD.
Wheel-mounting for the system to be easily moved.
Prometeo can be easily fitted in all versions of button marking
machines (either set-up for laser or not)


  • Engraving depth: 65mmx65mm
  • Engraving style: plane
  • Spot size: 140um
  • Linear engraving velocityu: >3m/s
  • Writing velocity: >300(character/s)
  • Positioning velocity: ≈7m/s
  • Focus lens: 146mm
  • Power supply: 220V/50-60HZ,10A MAX
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 500mmx650mmx800mm

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