2 Head Laser Engraving

Humanization working table, advance DPS digital-control techque, convenient USB transaction apply, large area working table is to realize large area cutting processing and engraving requirements, movement system adopted straight guide rail and precision gear transaction to ensure processing precision and movement speed.

It can choose single head and dual head machine. According to customers’ requirement , it adopted imported straight system to make front and back material-feed trame, all kinds of special appliance.Applicable Materials

Wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, resin, acrylic, plexiglass, wool fabric, plastics, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, jade, bamboo and other nonmetal materials.

Applicable Industries

GH series models are used in garment, leather, cloth toys, embroidery cutting, embroideries, model, handcraft, advertising , packaging print and so on.


  • Laser tube type: hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube
  • Laser power: GH1260:70W/GH1260T:70Wx2
  • Laser head: single laser head or dual laser head
  • Gross power: 1200W
  • Driving system: step motor
  • Cooling method: water cooling
  • Cutting area: 1200mmx600mm
  • Cutting speed: 0-36000mm/min
  • Engraving speed: 0-64000mm/min
  • Cutting power control: fine turning possible
  • Cutting speed control: fine turning possible
  • Online air nozzle: normal installation
  • Auto cutting computer control system: built-in
  • Power supply: 220V/50-60HZ,10A Max
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 1940mmx1320mmx1170mm
  • Environment requirement: temperature15℃-35℃,humidity30%-80%,no condensation

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